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Moses Weke, Co-Founder, is a trained pharmaceutical technician, with a diploma in community health development and trained in home-based care HIV/AIDS management.


I was born in Rachuonyo sub-county Homabay county, Kenya. I had a normal upbringing and being the last born in a family of two siblings I looked up to my sister very much. I loved her so much and wished her all the good things in life.

A tragic turn of events occurred when she became pregnant in her teens and dropped out of school to prepare for the arrival of the baby.

Unfortunately, the pregnancy did not reach term and the STILLBIRTH damaged her womb, which was consequently removed. The price women pay in Kenya for being unable to bear children is very high, given the stigma around that and the fact that their worth is tied to bearing children. For my sister it meant many failed marriages and feeling tossed aside as her husbands eventually wanted children.

This is my driving force which is propelling me to assist young girls from not going through the same tragedy.  


Valerie Miller, PCC, is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the gold standard in coaching, as well as an ORSC Trained Team and Relationship Coach.


Co-Founder of Collective Works,, which helps leaders and teams unlock an organisation's greatest potential asset–the power of a healthy, collaborative, well-functioning team. 

Having visited Kenya in 2018 with Women Like Us Foundation, she fell in love with the land and its people. Upon learning about the alarming dropout rates of teen girls in Rusinga Island, she felt moved to use her passion for coaching and leadership as a way of helping girls envision an empowered future and provide tools to help them achieve the goals they design for themselves. Her workshops for teen girls in Kenya are meant to be a holistic approach complementing Kenyan state education and teaching subjects such as Developing Confidence, The Power of a Growth Mindset, Mindfulness in Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and Managing Stress among other subjects.

She currently lives in Japan and is a full-time coach specializing in leadership and team coaching. Valerie coaches clients in person and virtually, all over the world, including the Middle East, Europe, North America, and Asia.

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Farida Sarah Abdul, a trained primary school teacher from Rachuonyo in Homa-Bay County, Kenya. I am the first born in a family of seven. Growing up, we didn’t have it all but we never lacked. My parents made life look simple and easy. When I had just completed primary school, my father passed away and this changed our lives drastically.

My mother was left with the burden of fending for the family. Shouldering all the bills and balancing responsibilities as a single parent. By the grace of God I  graduated high school but was two points shy from gaining a direct university entry. I felt shattered, I hated to see how devastated my mum was. I didn’t want to put her through the turmoil of raising a huge amount of money for my fees so I left home to look for a job.

Later on I found myself in the arms of a man who manipulated me and I moved in with him. It was hell from day one. After eight years with 3 children, I walked out of an abusive marriage having struggled to get back to college to secure a certificate in primary teaching. I want to advocate for girls to stay in school uninterrupted and pursue their career choices before they can start a family when the time is right. EMPOWER THE GIRL, EMPOWER THE SOCIETY. 

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Kevin Otieno, Communications and Social Media officer

Kevin holds a bachelor's degree in Communications and Media Technology from Maseno University.  Prior to onboarding on the DBR-Kenya Team, Kevin served as a volunteer journalist at a community-based radio station (Konzer FM 107.0) based in the nearby Mbita town.  While on an assignment he discovered and fell in love with the humanitarian work that the organization is doing for teenage high school girls in Rusinga Island.

Having spent his formative years in local mixed-gender public learning institutions, being a brother to three girls and an uncle to three others, having also served at his Alma Mater Waware Mixed Day Secondary School as an untrained teacher, Kevin has a significant grasp of issues that affect adolescents in Homa Bay County, Kenya. 

Kevin is passionate about impactful photography and online journalism, and believes that these are powerful avenues for raising greater awareness around the issues affecting young women and girls, and indispensable tools for marshaling support and resources to ameliorate or alleviate challenges.

He is, therefore, delighted to be on the DBR team to create social media content that speaks about what Dream Believe Repeat is continuing to do to see that our cohorts have the tools they need to face life courageously, develop leadership skills, create and pursue their envisioned futures and reach the peaks of their potential. 

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My name is Sicia Muga, born in July 10th, 1989 in a family of
six children. Being the last born, I was given a lot of love. Unfortunately, in the year 1999, when I was ten, my mother passed away.

Things changed a lot in my life since my father could not care for me as much as my mum would, especially on sensitive matters surrounding being a young female child.

In 2007, when I completed my secondary education, I remained a total orphan when my father also passed away.

I went through a lot of challenges and decided to get married to a man in Rusinga Island. In him I had a friend and a comforter, he saw me though my college. Today I'm a teacher by profession and the happiest day of my life was when I graduated from Great Lakes University of Kisumu with a bachelor in education arts, in the year 2019.

The reason I am part of this program is to create awareness through mentorship and be a role model to the girls including my daughters so that they focus on their future lives and how to overcome their everyday challenges.

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