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Workshop Dates, Times,
and Descriptons


Our weekly educational workshops are not just learning and development sessions for teen women, they are robust coaching programs. Participants are assessed before the program begins, along the way, and at the end of the program to measure impact and effectiveness, allowing us to adjust and tailor the program for each individual’s needs.

Each workshop is accompanied by homework which might consist of reflection on a topic, facing a challenge head-on with support from the group, or taking a brave step.

The program is designed to take minimal time commitment, provide psychological safety in a small group setting, and offer multiple learning pathways.

2023 Workshop Dates and Themes:

  • 19th May, 2023 — Introduction

  • 21st May, 2023 — Sex Education, Staying Safe, Consent and Choices

  • 28th May, 2023 — Confidence

  • 4th June, 2023  —  Creating a  Vision for your Future and an Action Plan 

  • 11th June, 2023 — Career Strategies, Self Management and mindfulness & meditation

  • 18th June, 2023 — Coping Skills and Manifesting 

  • 25th June, 2023 — Developing a Growth Mindset

  • 9th July, 2023 — Leveraging Your Strengths 

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