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Helping girls stay in school, create a vision for their future, and build leadership skills for a lifetime.


We offer weekly, in-person learning workshops with expert guest speakers that help girls visualize a better future and help them develop the tools they will need to take action steps towards achieving their goals.

  • Delivered virtually and in person by experienced coaches and experts

  • Small groups (10-15 Girls) = ability for girls to share feelings and learnings

  • Worksheets and homework to deepen the learning

  • One hour in length

  • Expert guest speakers to inform and inspire

  • Interactive

The Program is designed to take minimal time commitment, provide Psychological Safety in a small group setting,

and offer multiple learning pathways. 

Too little effort is put into helping girls develop “soft skills” that will enable them to make intelligent choices, build resilience, maintain well-being and focus, inspire others, and succeed in a challenging world.  
One of the foundational principles of coaching is empowering people to achieve their dreams. Our workshops are not just Learning and Development for teens, they are robust coaching programs. Participants are assessed before the program begins, along the way, and at the end of the program to measure impact and effectiveness, allowing us to adjust and tailor the program for each

individual's needs.

Unlike the majority of webinars our workshops are interactive, accompanied by homework which might consist of reflection on a topic, facing a challenge head-on with support from the group, or taking a brave step. 


“If you educate a man you educate an individual,

but if you educate a woman you educate a nation.”

- Old African proverb  


Reasons Girls Drop Out of School

 Community structure


Government policies

Boys education is valued more than girls. In rural Kenya, the percentage of girls getting married below the age of 18 is 30.5 percent.  Girls who are expected to marry early, join their husband’s family and drop out.

Girls lack essentials like fees, sanitary towels etc. They end up getting them from boys who ask for sex in return. This may result into pregnancies.

Primary education is not free and leads to many children quitting school early. 

The government stakeholders are reluctant on matters surrounding the girl child. Prioritizing girls education will affect the entire socio-economic development of a community.  Educated girls become better leaders.

"We share the responsibility for our problems. We seek to hold hands and walk together with you in solving the uncertainties faced by a Kenyan girl."

DBR Girls



Your donation will go a long way towards paving the path for a better future for one of the girls in our program. To donate, please click the button below leading to our Donorbox account:

Dream. Believe. Repeat. is a Community-Based Organisation (CBO) that makes no profit. All donations go directly to paying for the supplies and educational needs of our participants and a small salary for our two administrators.



Dream. Believe. Repeat. was born out of the collaboration of men and women, Kenyan and International, all having one thing in common: the desire to help girls stay in school.  

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