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Catch Up with Dream. Believe. Repeat.

This week: Spotlight on one of our students!

Welcome to our Bi-weekly Newsletter to let you all know what's going on with our Dream. Believe. Repeat. Program that's helping girls in Kenya stay in school. We are pleased to introduce to you some of our girls and the impact the program is creating in their lives.

Listen to live testimonials of what our girls learned in the first cohort and what the parents, teachers and students love about Dream. Believe. Repeat.!! Link to Video which will live on our site on the Testimonials page.

Get to know our students!!

Marline Jane is a 17-year-old girl from Kamasengre village. She would like to become a teacher one day. Marline is from a humble background and is faced with lots of challenges. Some of them are lack of school fees, sanitary towels and a good school uniform.

Here are some of Marline's insights about DBR Leadership Program. DBR TEAM: What do you like most about the DBR Leadership workshops? Marline: What I like most about DBR Leadership workshops is the fact that the program helps me acquire skills to cope with life and day-to-day encounters. DBR TEAM: What is the most challenging thing you've had to face in your lifetime?

Marline: I have been faced with many challenges but the most difficult one, was when we had to go without food on several occasions, I had to understand my mum and accept the situation at home.

DBR TEAM: Why did you want to join the program?

Marline: I wanted to join the program so that I can be a very good girl, to help me understand myself and learn what it takes to achieve my goals in life. DBR TEAM: What are you learning in this program?

Marline: I'm learning how to boost my confidence, taking care of my body and identifying what I want to do in future and breaking it down into achievable goals. DBR TEAM: What would you like to achieve with the skills you will learn in this program (career or goal or behavior building....etc)

Marline: I would like to be a teacher and a mentor. The skills will help me know how to interact and how to behave well with people. The skills will also help me achieve the goals I have set for myself.

The Dream. Believe. Repeat. Team

Val Miller,

Moses Weke

& Farida Sarah Abdul


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